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History has shown numerous incidents where the lack of a proper exit in case of a fire or explosion had resulted in a huge loss of life. When the realization dawned by the end of the 20th century, most countries set up building codes and regulations that made it mandatory for all buildings to have emergency exits installed. One of the most effective means of providing a quick and safe exit during a panic situation is by installing push bars on the exit doors. Anchor Locksmith Store is a comprehensive locksmith solution provider in Miami, FL that can install push bars and provide maintenance services.

How push bars work?

A push bar is a mechanism that aids in quick unlocking of the door in an emergency situation. It comprises of a spring-loaded bar that when pushed unlatches the door allowing the occupants to leave the building quickly.

The basic idea behind the mechanism was formed keeping in mind group psychology during a panic situation. The entire area might be engulfed in smoke making it impossible to visualize what’s going on and difficult to operate knobs or keys. Also, the sheer sense of panic that sets in can result in stampedes if no effective means of exit is found by the crowd. This is where a push bar’s fast-acting mechanism comes in handy!

How secure are push bars against break-ins?

Anchor Locksmith Store Miami, FL 305-894-5973Clients tend to have misgivings before installing push bars on their exits and the common argument is - if these exit devices offer an easy way out, doesn’t that mean they offer an easy way in? The answer is no! Most emergency exit doors are built to operate as a one-way mechanism which means that they can only be opened from the inside. Anchor Locksmith Store installs the most secure and reliable push bar models that are easy to operate on the inside but offer tremendous resistance against any forceful attempt from the outside.

Our service availability:

Safety is a priority and that’s what we, at Anchor Locksmith Store believe in! Our emergency exit lock installations offer the maximum protection against theft and ensure the safety of the occupants during an unanticipated crisis. We also offer regular checks and maintenance to ensure optimum working condition at all times and help you avoid penalties from being imposed. We also offer 24-hour services to assist you with a damaged push bar repair or a new installation anywhere in Miami, FL area.

Need help setting up secure emergency exit locks in your newly constructed building? Call Anchor Locksmith Store for all push bars related services!