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Want someone to unlock your file cabinet? Thinking about installing a new cabinet? Professional technicians are available in Miami, FL at Anchor Locksmith Store.

Securing your documents:

Anchor Locksmith Store Miami, FL 305-894-5973The best method of keeping important files like a person’s sensitive data, business plans, business deals and other important papers is by putting them in a file cabinet. Keeping all your important documents in an organized manner in one safe place will aid you to find them easily when required. Nonetheless, if there comes a time when you are experiencing a cabinet lockout problem or you’ve lost your cabinet keys, it might leave you devastated. Calling for a professional technician is your best option.

In need of unlocking file cabinet services? Look nowhere else because Anchor Locksmith Store provides exactly what you’ve been looking for!

Locks that we work with:

File cabinet locks available in the market today are of different types. We work with all types of filing cabinet locks which include

  • Cam-type Lock: It is similar to tubular cylinder locks but can be activated through a rotating bar mechanism at the backend.
  • Plunger-type Lock: It is opened using a key and closed by just pressing the body of the lock.
  • High-tech Locks: There are several high-tech lock options, including electronic keypad locks and locks with built-in alarms. These are beneficial for people who tend to misplace keys often.
  • Keyless combination: These locks are super convenient and safe, as they don’t require any keys.

At Anchor Locksmith Store, our technicians are prepped up and ready to be dispatched within minutes of your call. With the right set of innovative tools and tactful unlocking techniques at our disposal, unlocking file cabinets is a task that we manage to accomplish within minutes. With our years of experience, we can confidently say that there’s no file cabinet lock that we can’t handle. Apart from unlocking services, we also offer a number of unique services including:

  • File cabinet lock installation
  • Filing cabinet lock repairs and key replacement
  • Depository safe upgrades
  • Re-keying service for cabinets

And much more

Whenever you are searching for unlocking file cabinet service in Miami, FL or require new cabinet keys to be made, contact Anchor Locksmith Store on 305-894-5973. We would be glad to provide you one or all of our services at best prices in the industry.